As we continue the ongoing move over to the new cPanel Features Requests Community, new Feature Request threads and comments to existing threads here continue to be posted. In an effort to bring the entire cPanel Community and forums up to speed on where these comments and proposed new Feature Requests (comments and votes for them as well!) should be being posted, we are setting this Feature Requests forum area into Read Only mode as of today.

We've setup a Single Sign On feature between these forums and the new Feature Request system as well. In other words, if you are logged into these forums right now, visiting this link: cPanel Features Requests Community should show that you're already logged into the new system over there and ready to go, no need to register on the Feature Request site!

(If you cannot view that page, please log in or register on the forums, first, and then revisit that same page after registration on these forums.)

We're still putting the finishing touches on the new cPanel Feature Requests system. As you can see, it's coming along quite nicely. Although we've come across a few small items we're continuing to work thru right now, it is ready for prime time we feel, and we invite you to visit and take part in making cPanel even better by making your voice heard loud and clear there.

Welcome to the all new, cPanel Features Requests Community!

If you followed some other link to this page, and expected a different thread located on the old Feature Requests Forum than what you're seeing here, please review the above message that explains things.

Searching the Feature Requests site linked above, should get you to the Feature Request you're looking for.