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Thread: Import/Export Mailman mailing list

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    Default Import/Export Mailman mailing list

    It would be really useful if there could be added a feature in cpanel to allow users to download/export their Mailman lists as txt files, as we frequently get asked by users to export these for them using command line.

    Often users will want to extract the mailman mailing list for use in another application, and have to wait for us to extract it. Surely it could be done as an add-on feature under the X3 mail features -


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    Feel welcome to submit it as an official feature request: <<Redacted link to old system>>

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    Having Mailman email it to them is not wprking for them? I know you have to remove the top and bottom of the message, but is there a reason the customer cannot do that?
    Lloyd F Tennison

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    Using the who command with mailman will instruct the list to e-mail the member roster to the list admin e-mail address. However members that are set to hidden will not show up.

    I believe this has been corrected in the current stable version of mailman which is 2.1.10. cPanel has not update their version of mailman to the current version. Hopefully they will do that soon.

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