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Thread: Show Folder Sizes in File Manager

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    Currently file manager shows only 4k size of the directory. It should display the total size of that directory. I think its simples and very essential.

    If user need to clear his account, he need to know the sizes.

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    No, it is not simple and uses unnecessary resources to calculate the disk used under each folder. The 4k is the size of the folder itself and has nothing to do with the contents of the folder. Cpanel would need to calculate the usage for each of the folders every time someone uses the file manager and with accounts that are larger than 500mb, this will cause huge delays. A simple plugin or page could be created showing the breakdown of the size of the folders or even a php script could do this very easily.
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    Indeed, and cPanel calls it the Disk Space Usage tool, found in your cPanel interface.

    The cPanel Disk Usage Viewer provides an overview of the disk space that your account is using. It shows disk usage totals for your account’s directories and all of its databases rather than for individual files or databases. Use the File Manager to see disk usage data for individual files, and the MySQL and PostgreSQL main pages to see data for individual databases.

    NOTE: These figures may not reflect the most recent changes to your account’s disk usage.

    The bars in the graph below represent disk usage figures relative to each other, not according to a fixed scale.

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