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Thread: Website security HELP

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    Unhappy Website security HELP

    Plz help me out, I am a bit of a newb to the whole process.

    First question: How do I make peeps who register on my website have the need to receive an email from ME (Not the automated one) for access? I am having odd named registrations and they are submitting smut and XXX crap . All I want to know is, What do I have to do to make the confirmation email sent by me so I can police who is joining?

    I am sure I will have more questions at a later time. I just thought I would try this forum out to see if I get a helpful response. I am using Autotheme FYI. It is a World of Warcraft guild based site.

    I have tried to via Cpanel but they say it is in the autotheme software somewhere!

    I have a screenshot attached to this post

    I am trying to avoid the random names joining my site?? There has to be a way to stop this rubbish.

    I am currently running phb and also phpnuke, the versions I am not sure of sorry. You may find them on my site somewhere but I am not sure where to look!

    I have blocked the IP address when they leave a post but they just get another. If I can make it so they need my Email response it should fix the problem. I can delete any unknown emails a lot easier than going through all of the names. is my website btw
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    I've already answered this last week for you. But you left out the details you provide here.

    You are running two of the most exploited scripts there are out there I believe. Not knowing the versions of either only compounds the problem. You should be damn sure what versions you are running on both and you should be looking to those two communities for help.

    Not here at cPanel forums.

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