I have been having a really rough time here getting things set up in cPanel/WHM on a new dedicated server and my main web site has now been unreachable for nearly a week. Yes I am completely new to this side of things but searching in the support centre or interactive knowledge base of cPanel has been of no use at all. I have always found the normal cPanel to be very simple and intuitive but the WHM version has proven a nightmare for me. It just seems vastly over complicated and while some will no doubt say I should have a managed server a part of me can't help but feeling that I really shouldn't need one.

After a talk with my web host they changed a couple of small things in my configuration and now tell me that I:

"need to change the dns settings in cPanel of your other domains to match
the settings of 'xxxxxxxx.com' and also change the nameservers for these domains to:

1st nameserver: ns1.xxxxxxxx.com
2nd nameserver: ns7.leaseweb.com"

Can somebody please tell me exactly where I should do this in cPanel to make it work properly. Somehow I've lost a lot of confidence in working with cPanel and really don't want to mess things up. No doubt this question has been asked before and I apologise if that is the case but the search facility on this site didn't bring up anything. I put in the complete phrase "Change the dns settings in cPanel "and it always came back saying I needed to search for at least 3 words. For the record I am not new to computers and do extensive work in Photoshop, Freeway Pro and a whole bunch of other stuff, however, I cannot think of anything else which has caused me so many headaches over the last 3-4 years. Could somebody please help me to resolve this one last step?