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    Hi guys, one of my resellers approached me with a problem that I can't resolve. He has a customer whose DNS and Email are hosted remotely on a different server. I gave him steps to set up the account correctly (edit the DNS zone on the server and change the MX record to point to a remote server, thus putting the domain into /etc/remotedomains, and then delete the DNS zone). However, he contacted me shortly after saying he couldn't delete the zone. I had given him the privilege, so was slightly confused and asked for his login details. This is what I get when trying to delete the DNS zone from the reseller account:

    Sorry, $DOMAIN cannot be removed because it is still configured for use on an active account. Please remove the domain from the account by deleting the subdomain, addon domain, parked domain, or account it is linked to. If all else fails, remove it from httpd.conf : line $LINENUMBER.

    how come the DNS zone can't be removed even though the reseller has privileges to do so? root can remove it. I want the reseller to be able to remove it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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