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Thread: DNS setup problem

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    Default DNS setup problem


    I need to transfer a domain '' for a client who is currently using the hosting services of another company.

    He will use our server for mails and continue to use his earlier provider for hosting his site (his website needs .asp+MSSQL whereas we offer linux).

    The Nameservers of his domain will be pointed to our server and I have to setup the DNS.

    How do I do this, so that he can receive and access his emails and use and on our server and continue with his website on his earlier server.

    I have pointed the A record of the domain to the i.p of the other server but and give a page not found error.


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    If you're hosting the DNS, then all should be fine with pointing the A record to the other server as you have done. If they want to access cPanel or webmail they'll need to use etc, no their own domain name.
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