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    My request is too make the CPanel licenses cost at most $60/month! hehe ;P Why can\'t cpanel just sell the license for a ONE TIME cost? Like Plesk? I want to pay once and never have to worry about it again! It\'s enough having to worry about all my other bills :P hehe

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    been talked about alot and cpanel will stay at its current structure

    I dont see the big problem here, it takes money to make money, you have at least 50 accounts paying you $10 a month, thats $500

    $100 for cpanel
    $200 for your server

    Wow...$200 profit

    if you cant afford cpanel, maybe look to get a Cobalt Raq which you can rent for $99 a month and when you get at least 20 or 30 customers, migrate them to a linux server with cpanel....

    Better yet, just get a linux ded box from a cpanel distrib, likely they will give you cpanel for free

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