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Thread: MySQL database remote access (Access Host)

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    Default MySQL database remote access (Access Host)

    Hi I'm having problem with accessing database from one of my site to another..

    I have one site say and I want to replicate the database from this site to my another site say

    I'm using Cpanel in both the sites. In site, I have created a user with required privileges and also added the other website ( in the access hosts..

    Now to access database from, I can use the username and password I have created on but I'm not sure what hostname should I use..

    Website use localhost as the hostname..what should I use with

    Thanks in advace..


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    If and are on the same server, then you can use localhost.

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    If they are on different servers, then use the IP address or domain name instead of localhost.

    If the site with the database is a cPanel account, then you will need to give permission for remote access. This is done in cPanel>>MySQL databases

    Look towards the bottom for a section called Access Hosts.

    Start with % (wildcard). Once it works then

    Add the IP address of the server that is wishing to access the database.
    Then delete the wildcard (%)

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    i also have the same problem.
    i already changed the "access hosts"
    but this mysql error shows up
    I cannot connect to the database because: Access denied for user 'username'@'domain_ip' to database 'the_DB'
    any input is appreciated.
    thanks in advance

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    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `the_DB` . * TO 'username'@ 'domain_ip';
    Ty above sql query from MySQL prompt. and flush the prvileges. Check from your end.

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