I have to assume having bounced around in the forum for a few days with every search that I can thing of, this is not something other people have problems with.

Well, I have to bite the bullet and sound stupid and ask as I can NOT find the answer myself.. LOL

When a New Account is created it automatically sets up a email account based on the account name.

Example... New account for Iamstupid.com

Account name created: Iamstupi
Email Created: Iamstupi@Iamstupid.com

It appears that this account can not be deleted and is assigned unlimited space. Even if a site email of webmaster@iamstipid.com is set up AND the default set to :fail warnings and such still go to this iamstup@Iamstupid.com address.

IS there a way to change this default to say automatically set up a webmaster@Iamstupid.com instead? (with a quota, ability to change, etc?)

My only real concern is to avoid the default email filling with junk that no one every looks at or removes.

Thanks in advance..

Amcs web Services