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    Default Email forwarding


    Simple question: I have a main domain ( and some parked domains (, I would like to forward every email sent to the parked domains to the main domain.

    johndoe @ -> johndoe @
    janedoe @ -> janedoe @

    We have a RHE 3 server running cPanel 10.8.1.

    Any clue?

    I really hope that I don't have to create all the accounts and forwards manually for each parked domain. That is just insane...

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    I think you are wanting E-mail Domain Forwarding.

    In your control panel click on the Mail link then on the Email Domain Forwarding link.

    You would want to set up: => =>

    Then when someone writes, that message would be delivered into the account and the user would see the message when they check the mail account.

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    Please try to setup mail forward in /etc/valiases properly.
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