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Thread: email sending but not being received by one block of addresses

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    Default email sending but not being received by one block of addresses

    I have a issue that is tough for me to figure out, any help appreciated in advance.

    mails send out from our website( to do not arrive.They do however arive at all other addresses i have tested.

    DNS seems to be set up ok.

    users of all email accounts have to login to their own Microsoft Exchnage server.

    The mail is routed to a spam filter before it is forwarded to the Exchange server.

    I set up the website for this client on a host that uses CPanel, here is th eemail i recieved from the IT manager of chromos:

    I spoke with the technician of cleanmail. The MX records are set correctly except the:
    preference 50, mail exchanger =
    please correct to:
    preference 10, mail exchanger =
    for a better balancing between the 2 servers.

    The reason of the mail problem must be in the local configuration of your server.
    Probably the mails are sent to a local mailserver existing on your server and not to the external domain, addressed by the mx record.
    my question is, is it possible that that all mails addrese to are being routed to an internal mail server on the cpanel host while mail addressed to any other addresses is being routed according to the MX record entry?

    The domain is also thedomain that the cpanel account is made under using WHM.
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    Check this out it may help you. Not sure what it means but you might have more of a clue.

    Full url for dnsreport
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    Thank you for the links Izzee

    I read in another post that cpanel creates folders in the mail/dir

    I looked in my mail/ and saw mail/

    I deleted that folder just now.

    question: if that folder is present, will the mails be handled locally?

    another question:
    can send emails to or do i need to set up a relay address?


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