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Thread: external mail server and php mail function

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    Default external mail server and php mail function


    I have a client that uses another server as mail server, He have no problem with this because he had done the changes on his own domain dns pool configuration adding subdomains point to another ip, and all works perfectly, he have a server to emails and my server for hosting pages...

    But the problem is i have a php script that want to send email notifications to a mail account on the same domain, but obviously the other server.

    I have set Remote Mail Exchanger and dns pool like this

    I have create a new A entrie called correo point to the ip of the mail server as show on the attachment.

    But when i run the php script that send an email notification to the mail server does not recevie anything...

    Thanks if someone can help me a little
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    Default Re: external mail server and php mail function

    Make sure the domain in question is in /etc/remotedomains and is NOT in /etc/localdomains. should be in /etc/remotedomains should not be in /etc/localdomains

    Additionally, it is bad practice [and can break reliable email] to point your MX record to a hostname that is a CNAME.


    Code:    IN   MX    0   IN   CNAME
    Code:    IN   MX    0   IN   A
    OR    IN   MX    0    IN   A

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