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Thread: incoming mail port

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    Default incoming mail port


    how can i add anoter incoming mail port, i have the 110 port but i need to use another port.

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    You have something confused here. Port 110 is for POP3 and retrieving email. You can normally only receive SMTP mail from other servers on port 25. If you want to allow clients to relay email through the SMTP server on a different port, you can configure that at the bottom of WHM > Service Manager. Be sure to allow that port inbound access if you have a firewall.
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    Question pop3 in other port

    "You could use redir to do this. It will listen on a port of your choosing and redirect the traffic to the correct port on the server: "
    I found this in other post. I download redir and use with this syntax:

    ./redir --caddr="" --cport=110 --lport=26

    so, i can retrive mails using default pop3 port (110) and other additional port (26) (i have 26 port free)
    works ok!

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