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    how can I reply with yahoo mail and have it reply with my company's email address? is that possible?


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    Your question is not clear. It seems that you would like to set the email forwarder to your company email address to your yahoo account? If this is your concern, then you can set the forwarder from your cPanel --> Forwarder from the Mail section --> Add Forwarder and select the email address and set the forwarder email address and click on Add Forwarder.

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    If thewebhostingdi is correct in the assumption you want to forward to and from your Yahoo email account then my 2 cents on that is -- DON'T DO THAT !!!!

    Yahoo and AOL mail systems are both well known to be very BROKEN and their spam protection system have a lot of problems and routinely block legitimate non-spam that never even makes it to your spam box and also falsely report non-spam to blacklist databases as spam.

    It is never a good idea to forward any mail to any of these services as you can get your own server wrongfully blacklisted as they very often incorrectly treat your server as the original sender when spam messages get forwarded instead of as just being the forwarding relay of your own mail that you received incoming on your Cpanel server.

    Google's email (gmail) and Microsoft Live (hotmail) is not known to have these particular issues so if you are going to forward email from any Cpanel server to any external mail account, you would be much better off using one of these as your forwarder's target email address.

    I generally don't recommend forwarding to external email anway but if you are going to do it, I strongly recommend avoiding using any target address that points to either AOL or Yahoo.

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