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Thread: Addon Domain Problems....

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    Default Addon Domain Problems....


    I have done a search through the forums for a solution to my problem and have found lotsa other people with a similar problem but no one seems to have posted a solution which works for me. So here is my problem and if any of you smart people out there has a solution I would be greatly apprciative.

    I am simply trying to create addon domains for a client. Both domains he wants are pointed and propagated to my namerservers. When I create the addon domain using CPanel I get the following message:

    Addon Domain Addition

    The subdomain, has been added.
    Nameserver ips for are: has been setup. It can be accessed via the subdomain . Ftp access has been granted with the username testing and the password xxxxx .

    This appears to have successfully set up the addon domain but it does not. It creates the subdomain and the ftp user but when I look at the Addon domain list it is not there? The DNS zone is not created.

    I have added adons domains once to this account and others successfully. But took a couple of tries both times? If anyone has any idea what the heck is going on please let me know ASAP. He is getting a little testy.

    Thank you. Support Ticket Number:
    Keith Gallant

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    Have you tried pointing the addons in WHM to the subdomain ?

    (you mention cpanel)

    Have you tried removing the addons in cpanel and then recreating the addons again in WHM

    Have you tried removing the DNS zones in WHM " delete dns zones " ( assuming they are actually there ) and recreating them.

    WHM seems a less buggy way to add addons ( cpanel users should be able to do it though) This happened to me recently and this is how I fixed it.

    Apologies if it doesn't help Support Ticket Number:

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