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Thread: Autoresponder endless repeats

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    Default Autoresponder endless repeats

    THe CPANEL autoresponder sends a message every single
    time an email is received, even if it has already sent
    a message to that address. The end result is that clients
    receive the same autoresponse message over and over
    again, which is both annoying and unprofessional.

    There needs to be a way to limit the autoresponder
    to respond to an email address only once per day at most.

    Is this going to be fixed? Are there any workarounds?


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    I agree - this is a terrible oversight for a product at version 10.x, and I'm really surprised not to find it referenced here on the forums more frequently (God knows I have to explain it to my users often enough: "Sorry, I know it's lame, but there's nothing I can do about it until cPanel implements it.")

    This is #3252 in bugzilla: Please vote for it if this feature interests you:

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    Since it does not break anything, i doubt it will be considered a serious issue at cpanel.


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    I have been getting more requests as well for a workaround. Ensim's autoresponder only responds once per day to an email address.

    Does anyone from cpanel have insight on this?

    Please vote for this feature request here:

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    Solution: don't use autoresponders. As handy as they may be, they are backscatter spam generators. I know, I am taking the hard line - and yes I realize that for some people, autoresponders really server a purpose. But in general, autoresponders respond to more spam (and thus send mail to more forged sender addresses) than they do respond to legitimate mail..... that is unless, of course, you happen to using some service to prefilter your mail for spam/viruses like Postini/Securence/Messagelabs. If email for your domain is being delivered directly to your mail server with your user accounts on it, the autoresponder, even if it just responds once, responds to each and every spam message with a forged sender.

    Tar and feather for me for giving a lecture instead of a real solution - but I had to say it.


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