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Thread: Backup cPanel Accounts

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    Smile Backup cPanel Accounts


    firstly, sorry if in wrong category, if so please move this to right one.

    I am a reseller.

    My current provider not providing me SSH and killing the cpbackup script run by my new provider.

    I tried to take a cPanel backup but due to the size of the accounts around 10GB, download didn't complete due to slow network speed.

    I am now confused what to do next.

    Kindly help me!


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    If you don't have access to ssh, I suggest hiring a Server Admin to do a manual transfer. Depending on the size of the sites and how many sites, it could run anywhere from $10 to $50 for the transfer.

    You could always try talking to your host to see if there is anything further they could do.
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    Have you considered generating the backup on the source server via the "Backup" option within cPanel? You can have the backup file generated via FTP to the destination server rather than downloading it directly.

    Thank you.
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