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Thread: Bad backup method !!!

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    Default Bad backup method !!!

    Any smart hacker can make a hack to somesite at munday 1 am GMT, and we all know that the daily backup is taking at 2 am GMT, then we lose the daily back up, but the problem that we also lose the weekly backup, because it's taken at munday from every week, so we don't have else the monthly backup.

    I use now another backup method, but i hope to make WHM/cPanel backup more powerfull (because it can't restore the FTP backup or it can't take a standard and FTP backup at the same time, i mean just enternal copy).


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    Not quite sure about what you are really looking for, but if changing the timing of cpbackup would solve your problem, you could do that by simply installing an addon called "cronconfig" in WHM that enables you to change the time. You could also change the same from shell prompt if you prefer that # crontab -e

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    Indeed. I'm not sure what you're talking about either. Your backup strategy has nothing to do with cPanel, especially if your server has suffered a root compromise. There are plenty of ways that you can ensure better backup retention and off-server storage, but that's entirely a business issue not a technical one.
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    Shahzada : even if i change the time of backup, it's may be to hack a site and lose the daily and weekly backup at the same time, so what can i tell to the customer? i didn't have else monthly backup?

    chirpy: i just talking about can we really have the last week backup ? i mean 7 days exactlly, not every end of the week, i know it's hard to do, but as i said we may lose daily and weekly backup at the same moment (what if the end of week was also the end of month ? so we'll lose every thing, depending on luck?!!!)
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    It's true that there are certainly potential problems to encounter when relying solely on the backup stored on the server.

    Therefore to decrease the chance of the daily or weekly backups being made useless due to some malicious action, you should copy them to a secure external machine.

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