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Thread: BIG BUG in deleting accounts

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    Default BIG BUG in deleting accounts

    i discovered today that /scripts/killacct has this code:

    else {
        my $mysql = cPScript::Mysql->new;
        $mysql->sendmysql("DELETE FROM user WHERE user='$user';");
        $mysql->sendmysql("DELETE FROM user WHERE user LIKE '${user}_%';");
        $mysql->sendmysql("DELETE FROM db WHERE user='$user';");
        $mysql->sendmysql("DELETE FROM db WHERE user LIKE '${user}_%';");
        $mysql->sendmysql("DELETE FROM tables_priv WHERE user='$user';");
        $mysql->sendmysql("DELETE FROM tables_priv WHERE user LIKE '${user}_%';");
        $mysql->sendmysql("DELETE FROM columns_priv WHERE user='$user';");
        $mysql->sendmysql("DELETE FROM columns_priv WHERE user LIKE '${user}_%';");
        $mysql->sendmysql("FLUSH PRIVILEGES;");
    thanks to this when deleting account "rage", it deleted all mysql users in accounts rage2, rage3, rage4, rage5

    i understand why it is deleting like this but there should be warning - DO NOT CREATE(or delete ) ACCOUNTS WITH THE SAME USERNAME<number>

    that took me little over hour to track why suddently my mysql users were gone - not cool i started to think HACKED - checked all apache logs first :/

    can someone from cpanel think of better way to delete db?

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    looks like they just need to escape the _
    In the query above it is being interpreted as a single character wildcard, but I assume cpanel wants it to be interpreted as a literal underscore

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    Thumbs up i was going to add to bugtrack - - but

    I was going to add this to bugtrack - looked to see if you did and did not see it - but a worth while suggestion.

    thanks for the FYI
    have a few clients that resell doing this method

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    added Bugzilla Bug 3859

    and no problem - it is good to leave info for someone looking for help - it saves people time
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