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Thread: Can no longer login to CPanel since new computer with Vista.

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    Default Can no longer login to CPanel since new computer with Vista.


    I cannot login to CPanel with my new computer. This computer has Windows Vista Home Premium.

    It keeps asking me for the password over and over again, which I know I am entering correctly.

    I have turned off Norton, still no luck.

    I can login using Putty SSH Client, but not with IE and Vista.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

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    Firefox works fine on Vista

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    Allow your browser to accept cookies

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    IE7 works fine (normally) on vista.

    I don't have Nortons, but if you've disabled it and still receiving the error I would suggest the following from IE;

    Tools -> Internet Options -> Security
    Select Internet, Click Default
    Select Local Internet, Click Default
    Select Trusted Sites, Click Default
    Select Restricted Sites, Click Default.

    Select the tab Privacy, Click Default (will fix cookie permissions as jayh38 suggests)

    I know norton's like to change these options on your behalf to "help" you with security (aka, muck everything up).

    If this doesnt' help, my only other suggestion is to (in that same window) Select the tab Advanced and "Restore Advanced Settings" (maybe even "Reset Internet Explorer settings" found on that bottom of that page) Again, Norton's loves to go overkill and _will_ change settings such as these. For this reason I've never suggested Nortons to my clients.

    Let me know if any of that helps your problem.

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