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Thread: changing domain name

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    Default changing domain name

    If a client will ask you to change master domain name
    with another , avoid to do that with WHM , if you want avoid tons of problems .

    Some client used this kind of procedure (especially changing the domain name sequentially 2 times) to hide their domain name from bandwith and perhaps disk usage , and also for other purpouse that I will not explain here .

    So the best way to change a domain name is :

    a) Back up the client account (database included)
    c) Cancel the account
    d) re-create the account with the new domain name
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    ye i had heaps of problems changing domains in whm too!

    the first time it didnt work and the new domain wasnt working, the old one was for a bit then it stopped and new didnt work.

    Also second change i had problems with emails not reaching new domain, anyone else experienced this?

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