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Thread: cPanel login location

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    Default cPanel login location

    Hi, I'm fairly new to cPanel and I'm not 100% sure if the following is possible.

    My current method of logging into cPanel is to go to I was wondering if it's possible to change the login location, for example

    cPanel came with my hosting package and was all set up for me, so i was wondering if this is something i can manually change.

    Cheers for any responses

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    First of all, changing /cPanel to something else is not recommended.

    Having said that, if you still want to change it then there are a few tweaks that can be implemented to achieve this. But for that, you would need 'root' access to the server. From your post, it seems that you are on a shared server. In that case, only your host can do this for you but I do not think they will do it as that would affect everyone else on the server too.

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