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Thread: CSS in Cpanel

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    Question CSS in Cpanel


    I am a new user to cpanel. I have created websites before for fun and friends but now im working on something for my church. Cutting to the chase I created my html site pages from a template in dreamweaver. I did this so when I had to update I could do it across the board. Loaded my files into the public area of file manager, uploaded images into my images folder. When I go to view the page the margins are not as I designed and the css style sheet from the template does not apply. Do I need to create a new root file or something to place the css .dwt file into so it will apply to the pages I uploaded. thank you for the help because this is really wracking my brain.

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    CSS and HTML is not handled any differently in cPanel than any other *nix-based server. This does not appear to be a cPanel-specific issue but rather a web design issue.

    Remember all of your website files need to be uploaded to public_html or a folder within public_html.

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