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Thread: Dedicated IP For Subdomain

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    Default Dedicated IP For Subdomain

    I need to setup a subdomain on a dedicated ip address (the domain is on another dedicated ip address). The reason is to allow both the domain and subdomain to have ssl certificates, but setting up the subdomain as another acocunt in WHM is not an option.

    Can anyone be os assistance to me whith what things I would need to change to give the subdomain a dedicated ip? I know the ip address in the dns entry for the subdomain and the www.subdomain would need to be changed and I know httpd.conf the virtualhost would need to be changed for both port 80 and port 443. Is there anything else that would need to be changed for the subdomain to work on a dedicated ip address?

    Thanks so much for helping if you can,
    Michael card

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    Go on, have a guess


    No, that's all you should need to change.
    Jonathan Michaelson

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    So all we need to do to give a subdomain a dedicated ip is to update the dns records and the vhosts?

    Will cpanel recognize that this ip is taken?

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    the way i achived this was to simply create the subdomain its own account, worked fine!

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