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    Default Disk Full

    Hi there,

    I am receiving the message "The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition." when I go into cPanel.

    When running a df -h to my server, I see

    "Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda6 3.8G 3.8G 0 100% /
    /dev/sda8 242G 55G 175G 24% /home
    /dev/sda3 19G 4.8G 14G 27% /var
    /dev/sda2 19G 5.5G 13G 31% /usr
    /dev/sda1 198M 198M 0 100% /boot
    /dev/sda7 3.8G 34M 3.6G 1% /tmp
    tmpfs 1008M 0 1008M 0% /dev/shm"

    The / and /boot partitions are full up.

    Fixing this is beyond my expertise and I could do with a bit of help to clear up these two partitions.

    Could anyone please help me?

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    Default Re: Disk Full

    I would suggest contacting your Provider to assist you in this regard. This should be done carefully because any wrong deletion may crash the entire server.


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    Default Re: Disk Full

    You should cd into the directory (/ or /boot) and check the file sizes. Even if you are having your provider assist, learning how to check file sizes in partitions to track down high usage files or folders is beneficial to you.

    A good command to get the results inside each directory:

    du -sk .[!.]* *|sort -n
    This will list them in order by kilobytes from smallest to largest. You'd have to be in the directory you are checking prior to running the command.
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    Default Re: Disk Full

    You can also list top files consuming high disk space under / and /boot by command

    ls -lSh . | head -*
    replace * with any number i
    For example if you want to list top 5 files then command would be

    ls -lSh . | head -5
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