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Thread: Exim delivers emails showing server logs.

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    Default Exim delivers emails showing server logs.

    This ones new to me

    At the end of an email , I personally got today, it included at the end:

    --------------Ř]7-------------1108586963-- 19501]: CP-Wrapper v1.2 resuming normal operations Cp-Wrap[19501]: Pushing "32210 ADDDB phpbb2" to '/usr/local/cpanel/bin/mysqladmin' for UID: 32210 Cp-Wrap[19501]: CP-Wrapper terminated without error Cp-Wrap[19508]: CP-Wrapper v1.2 resuming normal operations Cp-Wrap[19508]: Pushing "32210 ADDUSERDB phpbb2 phpbb2" to '/usr/local/cpanel/bin/mysqladmin' for UID: 32210 Cp-Wrap[19508]: CP-Wrapper terminated without error Cp-Wrap[22493]: CP-Wrapper v1.2 resuming normaŘ]7° ý[

    Looking at the source, it's plopped right on as if you were looking at shell in the email...

    What now guys
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    Go on, have a guess


    That's more than a little odd. Might be time to run an fsck against the servers disks.
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