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Thread: Horde -> Attachment stripped

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    Default Horde -> Attachment stripped


    Is this a default Horde feature? If I send an email with attachment and then check the "sent-mail" folder I see such message instead of attachment: "Attachment stripped"

    How can I enable attachments to be saved in the "sent-mail" ?
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    You can solve the problem of attachements being stripped from your "sent-box" by simply adjusting your Horde preferences.

    1. Login to your webmail

    2. Click to view your Inbox

    3. Click the "Options" button at the top of the page

    4. Click on "Message Composition"

    5. Look for the following, near the bottom of the list of settings:
    "When saving sent-mail, should we save attachment data?"
    Then set it to "Always Save Attachments" Or any of the other options that suit your personal preference.

    6. Click "Save Options"

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