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Thread: How to enable remote shell access

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    Default How to enable remote shell access

    i want to use putty to remotely access my server. when i connected
    it said you have to enable the shell access in your server...
    and when i logged in the cPanel control panel i couldn't find any option like that.
    where do i have to click or go to enable this???

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    Default Sheel access


    Yes, you can enable shell access in the server, they are two ways

    1. In WHM you can enable when creating a account, if account is created you can enable using MODIFY account.

    2. In Shell you can change the entry of the user in /etc/passwd file

    Without shell access
    username:x:170:170:username daemon:/:/sbin/nologin
    Change it as
    username:x:170:170:username daemon:/:/bin/bash

    But it is not recoomended to give shell access to a hosting cpanel user.

    With regards,
    Dheeraj kuamr.B

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