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Thread: How to swap main domain with addon domain ???

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    Question How to swap main domain with addon domain ???

    I am a newbie using cPanel. I am currently using Linux server. I would like to swap the old main domain with the addon domain. I also want to hide the old main domain since I don't want it to appear to the public. Can anyone teach me how to do it ??

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    Remove the "addon" domain from the account and then rename the main domain to what was previously the add-on domain.

    Note however that Cpanel has had a problem for a number of years where it does not update everything that needs to be updated on domain name changes so to get around that problem, I usually **AFTER RENAMING** package the account (/scripts/pkgacct <user>) and then delete the account and restore the package to recreate the account which forces those items not usually updated to be updated new. Figured out this usually saves a lot of time over the manual edits that normally need to be done to get everything working 100% properly on name changes.

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