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Thread: Internal Server Error

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    when i open subdomain i get : Internal Server Error
    its just with the new subdomains that i creat (i think it starts after upgrade to WHM 8.4.0 Cpanel 8.4.0-S92 ) . other subdomains that created before are working fine

    anyone know how can i fix it ? Support Ticket Number:

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    Dear eyal,

    Most likely problem is wrong permissions. Your permissions for all .cgi files should be 755. If you leave it at default after uploading, they will not be able to execute. Errors may be on one of your servers in the load-balanced solution, causing you to occassionally get the error. Could you be more specific as to what errors you get? Also, if you print out the SERVER_ADDR environmental variable, you can report what server your site loads on... and hopefully help us determine if there is a problem on any of the servers.


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