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Thread: Limiting bandwidth per second / minute / hour

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    Default Limiting bandwidth per second / minute / hour

    The standard cpanel way of limiting bandwidth is per month making it possible for an account to use all its allowed bandwidth at once.
    Is there a way to limit bandwidth on a time basis such as bytes/second bytes/hour or similar?

    Can't see anything in documentation except for info about mod_bw being updated to 0.92 2011-03-07 plus a reference to /scripts/setbwlimit --help in BandwidthMod < AllDocumentation < TWiki

    /scripts/setbwlimit --help say:

    "Add a bandwidth limit to a vhost.
    /scripts/setbwlimit --help (this screen)
    /scripts/setbwlimit --limit=1024000
    'limit' is bytes/sec you want to setup (hint 1024 = 1kb)"

    Tried this, but it seems it is not working

    Do I need to do anything more to get it to work?
    Are there any place in WHM I can set this for a package or an account?

    Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Limiting bandwidth per second / minute / hour

    Hello kjg,

    There is not a way to limit this to my knowledge with cPanel currently, although there is a prior forum discussion about Apache modules that can be used to limit it for Apache usage:

    This sounds like a feature request for having a daily, hourly or other interval limit. I would suggest posting on that forum for this desired capability:

    Feature Requests for cPanel and WHM

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