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Thread: mongoDB settings ...plz help ?

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    Unhappy mongoDB settings ...plz help ?

    Hello ,

    I have an MongoDB database from here -->
    My Web Hosting provider --> (using cpanel)

    I need help to do this :-
    1) extension=php_mongo.dll at php.ini file [Cannot access php.ini file] How can I do it ?
    2) Restart the server [ And this too ? ]

    I am a student . Made a project on MongoDB and need to make it live on internet.
    Working great on my laptop with xampp.
    [ Not a Unix guy] Any help will be appreciated


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    Default Re: mongoDB settings ...plz help ?

    You cannot add "extension = php+mongo.dll" on a Linux machine. dll files are Windows-based files.

    You would need to contact your hosting provider to ask about whether they support MongoDB to be used. It cannot work unless it's been installed onto the machine and the PHP extension has been enabled. This is not part of cPanel by default, so only the hosting provider can let you know if they support this and how to enable it.
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