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Thread: Port 80 Refused

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    Default Port 80 Refused

    Can anyone help me out on this one ASAP.. I am a newbie and my Sys admin is out of town and I was not able to send out email so i decided to Reboot the system to see if that would fix it. This is the error I get while checking the DNS of the domain...

    Checking http server []
    Error connecting to HTTP server[] port 80 : Connection refused.

    Any help would be good and If you can help that would be great

    Frank J. Rattay

    Fixed it but Email still not working I can recive but can not Send out if anyone has any help on that it would be great thanks Support Ticket Number:
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    Your port 80 is answering according to checkdns now.

    Have you submitted a ticket about the email? Support Ticket Number:

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