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Thread: Port problems, and proxy firewalls...

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    Question Port problems, and proxy firewalls...

    Okay, I think this is a pretty hot topic... It seems that a lot of users are having trouble because they are stuck behind firewalls that won't allow them the access of cPanel on certain ports. Also, a lot of servers are having the same kind of problems themselves. Does anybody know what cPanel is doing to fix all these problems. I'm sure cPanel could make a lot more money $$ if they got these problems fixed asap. Can you (cPanel) make the use of many ports at once by a server possible, or even take the whole port access away entirely? Good luck guys...

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    What ports are the firewalls breaking? If you are behind a very restrictive firewall there is not much cpanel can do. Most highly restricted websites only have a few or just port 80 open and you need more then that. I guess you could setup some proxy solution if you really wanted to get it working. Most people who have extensive firewalls like that are at work or school anyways, I don't know what home user would have that!


    That would also be something that could be implemented into cpanel or just run yourself if you have those issues.
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    Although I have not yet got the proxy to work properly to my needs, I'm sure I'll be able to shortly. Thanks to you I have also found a link to which will auto install the script for you (worked great!). And for an FTP uploading problem I have, I also had Genesis auto installed. Which is a great managing utility. If anybody else is having problems, this could be your answer (not for the complete novice though).

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    If you are interested in using cPanel Proxy, I've added a FAQ & a HOW-TO:

    FAQ: Can I change the ports cPanel & WHM uses?

    HOW-TO: cPanel Proxy 0.4.1

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