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Thread: SSL without dedicated ip

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    Default SSL without dedicated ip

    does someone tell me how i can use ssl for accounts without dedicated ip? I had already before ssl as shared one but now i must change it because of other accounts which aren't owned by me and they shouldn't use my ssl. I had read before anywhere a tutorial for it but don't know where. I had to edit two files and make then some configchanges.

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    Default Re: SSL without dedicated ip

    You cannot have multiple SSL certificates on the same IP whether shared or dedicated. If these are different SSL certificates rather than a UCC or wildcard certificate, then it will not work.

    Here are two forum posts where I discussed doing it on a wildcard and a UCC certificate for the shared IP:

    SSL certs wildcard domains across different hosts - cPanel Forums

    Godaddy UCC multiple Domain SSL and WHM - cPanel Forums
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