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Thread: Is there a tutorial for how to start your index page?

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    Default Is there a tutorial for how to start your index page?

    Does anyone know of a guide, tutorial, example or such on how to actually begin making your index page using cpanel? For example, I can figure out how to do the index page if I choose to use front page, but what if you aren't going to go with front page? It would be great if someone could post a guide with step by step instructions on what to do when first making your index page. Hopefully there is an existing tutorial or something out there someone will know of.
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    You sound like you want to know how to create web pages. That has nothing to do with CPANEL itself. I recommend you buy a book on HTML coding or perhaps look into something like Contribute, DreamWeaver or GoLive.

    If you can't afford that, then CPANEL does offer a rather basic HTML editor as part of the File Manager. Just create the index.html page in the File Manager and then click the link to edit it with WYSIWYG Pro.

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    Paste this into a notepad doc, and save it as index.html then upload it to your public_html directory and call it from your browser. will work fine.

    <TITLE>My 1st Page!</TITLE>
    <META name="description" content="">
    <META name="keywords" content="">
    <META name="generator" content="">
    <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#0000FF" VLINK="#800080">
    Hello World. I'm online!

    You just made your first page.

    Good luck.

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    Go to for simple html lessons. There are better sites out there, but I put this one together mainly to have a very simple introduction for our customers who want to learn it.
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