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Thread: Using MySQL Triggers

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    Default Using MySQL Triggers


    A person who has an account on server wants to use MySQL triggers. I found out he cannot unless I manually grant him SUPER privilege. I would like to know more before proceeding.

    How can this affect overall server performance? Which doors do I open by giving this person this privilege, could he change mysql server configuration or access other accounts databases? What happens if he has a logic error in a trigger he creates, could it crash our mysql server?

    I have not used triggers before, and I read that you need to be careful using them. I just would like to have more accurate information to make a decision.

    Thanks for any help.


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    I am on the same boat. I used the phpMyAdmin to give SUPER privileges to an user and somehow it gets reset to USAGE after a while.

    EDIT: Here is the answer to avoid user losing permissions
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    Well, after some back and forth with a customer, we found out that once you assign the SUPER permissions on mySQL to an user, that user SHOULD NOT use phpMyAdmin, or the permissions will get reset to USAGE.
    So my client ended up using an external app to access his mysql database and still retain the SUPER privileges.

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