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Thread: wordpress + cpanel

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    Default wordpress + cpanel

    I have searched up and down trying to find an answer for this, how/where/what do I need to do to add a wordpress quick install button into the cpanel theme? I want to allow my resold account owners to quickly and easily install wordpress

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    WHM > Packages > Feature Manager, click Edit beside the Default Feature List. Find Site Software, enable and save your list. You should now see a "Site Software" icon in your cPanel where Wordpress can be installed in a few moments.

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    There are a couple of more sophisticated auto-installer scripts are available in the web. Most of them needs a license; but it will be a worth since it will give you the option to install quite a large number of applications and provide periodic updates for them.

    Some of such auto-installers are mentioned in the following URL.

    Auto-Installers « Application Catalog

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