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Am I correct? Setup hostname and nameserver

Discussion in 'Bind / DNS / Nameserver Issues' started by vietnamweb, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. vietnamweb

    vietnamweb New Member

    Apr 6, 2003
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    My domain: mydomain.net

    I'm having a reseller package with Dathorn.com for above domain with 2 nameserver:
    ns1.mydomain.net xxx.xxx.xxx.xx1
    ns2.mydomain.net xxx.xxx.xxx.xx2

    I signed up a VPS with Servint for above domain too. In WHM I do as follow:
    Create my hostname: secure.mydomain.net
    Create 2 nameserver:
    ns3.mydomain.net xxx.xxx.xxx.xx3 (first IP from Servint)
    ns3.mydomain.net xxx.xxx.xxx.xx4 (second IP form Servint)

    Am I correct with above settings? Is there any conflict?
    When I create new account for my client on VPS, is it correct to inform them to change their nameserver to: ns3.mydomain.net and ns4.mydomain.net?

    Note: I want to keep my reseller account at Dathorn.com for current clients, that why I set as above.


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