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Correct setup for email?

Discussion in 'E-mail Discussions' started by happydj, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. happydj

    happydj New Member

    Jun 7, 2005
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    I am having a problem getting email to work via the server. I only have one account on the server (in this example we will call it aaa.com)

    I am new to this and wondered if the MX record for aaa.com should be - server18.aaa.com, mail.aaa.com or just aaa.com

    I seem to be able to send email when it is aaa.com or server18.aaa.com - but not mail.aaa.com - However no matter what the settings, I cant seem to recieve any email to any account.

    If you need more information to help - please ask and I will give it. This has just got me very confused and I am now desperate!

    Thanks in advance for any help people offer!
  2. Izzee

    Izzee Member

    Feb 6, 2004
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    In WHM Edit DNS Zone File

    aaa.com. 14000 IN MX 0 server18.aaa.com.
    mail.aaa.com. 14000 IN A

    don't miss out the dots after the domain names and is your shared IP or dedicated IP for that account.

    In WHM Editting MX for zone aaa.com.db

    Any help for you?

    Also http://dnsreport.com will help in many ways to find any issues.

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