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cPanel Access Levels

Discussion in 'cPanel Announcements' started by cPanelTristan, Aug 29, 2011.

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    We are excited to announce a new field available to display in your Profile's Basic Information area as well as below your picture in each of your posts. The new option is entitled "cPanel Access Level" with the following 4 categories available to select:

    Website Owner - A user with access to the account and website(s) on the account
    Reseller Owner - A reseller user with Reseller access
    Root Administrator - A root user who has full backend access on the machine(s)
    DataCenter Provider - A user or company with full access to servers at the DataCenter and Network level

    The general gist behind introducing these new access level titles stems from a desire to improve our replies to every member on the forum. Oftentimes in the past, we have had to ask new users what level of access was available to know how to properly respond to a post, since each have differences in what functions are available. As such, please try to pick the most appropriate description of your access level for us to best assist you.

    Please note that selecting the "cPanel Access Level" will now be required for new registration. We will also require it when you update your profile for the first time after this change.

    Enjoy and please let us know if you have any questions!
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