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Thread: Email creation

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    Default Email creation


    We installed a new version of whm/cpanel.

    But, there is a script that is returning error. It makes creating email accounts.

    See below.

    POST /frontend/x3/mail/doaddpop.html?email=teste2& HTTP/1.0 Host: Authorization: Basic anVtYm9vYzpqZC4tNC41NA==

    I debug a application.
    It returns a following message:
    "the limit should be a number or unlimited"

    Please, Can help us?

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    Well, calling pages within cpanel directly like that usually isn't the best of ideas for exactly this reason. Rather we like to suggest that people use the APIs to do something like this.

    f.ex. you'd use Email::addpop (ApiEmail < ApiDocs < TWiki) when called via the xml-api you'd do the following:


    This will return an XML document rather than an HTML page.

    Please see CallingAPIFunctions < AllDocumentation/AutomationIntegration < TWiki
    Matt Dees

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