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Thread: facebook and rvsitebuilder

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    Default facebook and rvsitebuilder

    I want to add facebook like links to my page.
    They have given me the information I need but I am unsure how to get it to work as I am fairly new to all this.

    It talks about HTML5 which goes on about javascript sdk, But when i entered those on the page nothing happened. Then the option for xfbml which again has javascript sdk and an extra option. Lastly it offers an iframe option.
    This last option works.... with limited function. It showed up on google chrome but not on firefox.
    can anyone help?

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    Default Re: facebook and rvsitebuilder

    Have you tried contacting RVSiteBuilder to ask about this, since that's a third party product:

    RVSiteBuilder Support

    cPanel forum is intended for cPanel questions related to using our product itself. RVSiteBuilder is provided by another company.
    cPResources: Support Options | More Support Options | Forums Search | Site Search | Mailing Lists(Alt) | Docs
    -- Tristan, Technical Analyst III, Forums Specialist, cPanel Tech Support

    Submit a ticket | Check an existing ticket

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