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Solved a problem with errors in some tables after upgrade to mysql 8.
I had a great great trouble, impossible to manage by myself. He gave me different solutions, without pushing me to contact him. Once I saw that it wasn't possible to work from my side I asked him to do it for me and his help was immediate, risolutive and fantastic! I woke up with the server working again. What else? Thank you, simply-
Absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend EmergencySupport. Thanks again for solving an issue that cPanel could not.
Really fast and helpful! We begun with an issue but fixed 3 issues. I recommend them for sure!
Let me be the first one to tell you that Andrew is one of the highest quality tech support I've ever experienced in my lifetime. He has gone above and beyond to troubleshoot and pinpoint my issue. He had no problems troubleshooting, spent hours locating the bug and provided a working solution that resolved my issue. GamingOGs LLC owes Andrew a big thank you for everything he's done. I highly suggest and recommend that anyone consider using Andrew for future services. I know without a doubt we'll be using Andrew going forward!
Andrew was a great help with both my servers. One of them was using excessive resources and he was able to quickly pinpoint the issue and resolve it.

He has also strengthened and upgraded parts of my server to give it greater protection and better overall performance which can be noticed already.

We did run into a snag with the new firewall blocking some clients access to emails but Andrew went above and beyond and worked with my clients to quickly resolve this.

For the above reasons I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew to anyone needing server support, upgrades or any is issues you may face.

Many thanks for your help :-)
I got a great help from him. My problem was with filled up disk space, and being a noob I was very much worried. Thanks to Andrew, in his emergency support he quickly suggested a few methods for the problem.
My issue was resolved in few hours. I will definitely recommend him further. Thanks :)
I was suffering from an attack on my Server and needed urgent help. Andrew's response was very quick and together we managed to solve a really serious attack. What I liked best was that his service was not limited to just one action, like cleaning up and that's it. He didn't stop until he was 100% sure that the problem was solved and I wouldn't be attacked again.
Excellent rapid response and immediate resolution of my problem. I struggled with tickets with cPanel and my hosting company...tons of back and forth without solving my issue.
Andrew saw the issue and fixed it right away.