Tutorial MySQL Backups Storage Location

If MySQL backups have been configured within WHM > Backup > Backup Configuration, then the server may have a recent backup already. First, check to see where backups are being stored and what kind of MySQL backups are being taken:

grep 'BACKUPDIR\|MYSQL' /var/cpanel/backups/config

The BACKUPDIR is where cPanel will store the backups if they are being retained locally. While having these backups are useful, it may be prudent to generate a more current backup of MySQL.

MYSQLBACKUP can return any of the following:
  • accounts - all databases under each cPanel account are backed up directly into the account's backup
  • dir - the MySQL data directory is backed up only (custom data directories are taken into account)
  • both - each cPanel account will have their databases backed up directly into their backup, and the MySQL data directory is backed up separately
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