System Administration as a Service - provides professional remote system administration services. Core parts of our solutions are the 24/7 monitoring which alerts us immediately in case of emergency, and our daily incremental backup which guarantees that even in case of a hardware malfunction, your server will be safe.

Our team of highly skilled engineers will manage and maintain your servers and in case of emergency, we will react immediately and will resolve the issues.

We are making system administration, server backup and monitoring affordable. Our approach is to provide vendor and platform independent services at low cost, which can help startups and developer teams to benefit from professional system administration, backup and monitoring services without the extra cost of hiring dedicated administrators.

What can we do for you? We can setup your server regardless of the vendor you are using (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc). We can configure all services you request on your server. When you have an issue we can resolve it, if you need updates or maintenance - we've got you covered.

Additionally, to our system administration services, we offer assistance in case companies need to move their services from one provider to another. In case a company has to change its service provider or the time to scale has come, just contact us and we will help.

Our services are mainly targeted at SMBs, startups and independent dev teems who need professional system administration but can’t afford to hire a dedicated system administrator.

For startups and dev teams we provide one full year of free initial setup, support, maintenance, monitoring and backup services worth $10,875!

Reach us at: System Administration as a Service - Securemin
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