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    Sphera -> cPanel ?

    Has anybody here have any experience migrating from Sphera to cPanel ? any available scripts out there ? cheers :) Carlos
  2. C down ?

    Is anybody else able to access it ?
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    Iptables and bandmin

    Small problem I upgraded the kernel to 2.4.18, makign sure Network filtering and iptables where all selected now I can't start bandmin .. [email protected] [/tmp]# /usr/local/bandmin/bandmin modprobe: Can't locate module ip_tables iptables v1.2.5: can't initialize iptables table `filter'...
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    CPanel Licence

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    CPANEL!!! :)

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    CPanel Licence

    Ok, beeing one of the distributers let me clarify Cpanel costs 99.00 for a Lic. outside the NOC of the distributors, you don\'t just \"become\" a distributor, these are companies that have been envolved with the cpanel development almost from the beginning. If you wish to get Cpanel...
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    moving of files from server to server
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    Quotas and 7.2

    Anybody else having problems ? [Edited on 11/20/01 by CRego3D]
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    From One Server CPanel to another

    it\'s tougher to move a number of accounts than an enitire server belive it or now .. no there is no easy way :( It has to be done manually
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    Mailman not recieving mail

    Mail send to a list Postings to list never make it to the moderator for approval. if we reboot the server those posts will all show up, anybody knows what causes this ? or how can we fix it and not having to reboot ?
  11. C theme now in german too

    dang .. 50.00 Humm, Hey Nick ... I\'ll send you a bill soon :)
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    Trust Relationship

    Thank you .. that did it, but I has asked Nick before .. ho well
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    Trust Relationship

    I am atempting to establish a trust relationship between 2 CPanel servers, we have doen this with several other servers, and it has worked, this one is giving us this error: While establishing the trust: spawn scp /root/.sshscript [email protected]:/root/.sshscript [email protected]\'s...
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    SSL Error

    cpanel/whm will install most secure certs, but I have founf the ones from geotrust do seem to have an issue follow these instruction (they are very easy) and you will be all set
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    secure WHM?

    how about .. does it work for you ?
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    Is a fix planned for the \"List Accounts\" error?

    Curious so this ssh into your box, and go to / wget tar xvf scripts.tar cd scripts ./updateuserdomains delete the scripts.tar file and check your WHM .. it shoudl be fixed
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    subdomain directories?

    yes they are :) at public_html/subdomain
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    Bind failing every 8-9 minutes

    Anybody havign this problem ?, on 2 of my servers, bing fails every 8-9 minutes for 40 minutes, then it goes 20 minutes with no problem, then it repeats itself and .. even when it fails, I see that bind IS indeed running .. this is all I get in the logs (nothing .. really) ----snip--- Aug...
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    Skins to buy? At what price?

    Furget the \"per machine\" .. you really have no way of controllign that :( as for a general price .. just think of your hourly rate, multiply for the amount of hours it takes you to create a theme, ass 10-15% as a bonus ;) .. and should give you a nice idea