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    Cpanel DNS yum excludes apache, php

    I'm looking to do exactly the same as the OP, why? Because I have a CPanel server farm, these servers are all full CPanel/WHM licences. I then have a further machine which I intend to install Nagios, Cacti and Smokeping onto in order to provide monitoring services outside of the farm and it...
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    Autoresponder unable to set time value

    Can I ask if the window shown in the screenshot is the same as others see or is there a "save" type button on other peoples?
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    Error: Missing Dependency:

    I'm trying to update my kernel and so decided to take the step to yum update.. Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package MySQL-python Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package mod_auth_mysql Error: Missing...
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    Autoresponder unable to set time value

    I have a user whose been happily using date/time based auto responders as an out of office response every day. Today they've contacted me to say that when setting a time, they can change the time using the drop down fields available but cannot "save" the values. I have just tried...
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    New user & group ID's much lower - file ownership confused

    Hi, After creating a new account recently, I noticed that the GUID/UID is much lower than previously. I noticed this when stumbling across the fact that the user I had created suddenly owned a load of easyapache files. I changed the uid/group id to the next sequential number and though no...
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    Fatal Error when trying to edit Contact

    I have it too for one account. I'm not logged in at the moment, I'll post some more specific details later.
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    cPanel High Availability

    ..because the business model doesn't add up. Whilst these services are a requirement for some, it doesn't scale and the market is limited. For both capacity & availability management: Raid(/SAN) LVS(/heartbeat loadbalancing) Mirrored SQL instances Mirrored DNS Warm standby equipment Redundant...
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    rrdtool installation pkg_config_path not working

    That's disappointing, I did try an rpm but ran into much the same issue, nothing I seem to do works but then I'm pretty inexperienced. I've asked chirpy for a quote do do it, I'll then learn what I could have done to install it myself. Weird how debian was such a simple task in comparison...
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    rrdtool installation pkg_config_path not working

    Hi, Today I successfully installed rrdtool & cacti on a debian nagios box I have setup. I decided to do the same on my centos cpanel box. RRDTool errors due to dependencies: So: So I make sure pkg_config_path is looking in the right place (after checking that the pkgconfig location is...
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    WHM activity / SSH activity

    I would say that they would find it very difficult to achieve much without shell.... I'd be asking for a log of changes - they should be able to provide this (or else what plan were they working to - to secure the box). Consider getting chirpy to look at the box, the configserver services...
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    Urgent Formmail Attack

    Why not post the results of your efforts to save others three years? I'd be interested to see how you worked around it.
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    Apache/PHP Lost sessions and WHM problems

    regarding your second issue: I'm presuming we are talking about the same thing?
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    adon Sripts problem
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    EasyApache and PHP5 failing mysql tests

    Thanks Kenneth, I picked up on that but didn't know how to see what the compilation test consisted of?! I was running an EOL RH OS and have now upgraded to CentOS Enterprise and have updated and recompiled with ease. Moral of the story: update your OS lol Thanks very much for the input...
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    EasyApache and PHP5 failing mysql tests

    Hey David, I probably didn't explain myself very well, i tried combinations. Starting with an upgrade of all three and on each fail I worked back until I was simply making configuration changes. It's now resolved, see next post.
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    Massive amount of failures from IP

    huh? Look at the top of this page....Home User CP cPanel Links New Posts SEARCH type in "cphulkd" It's the brute force protection system installed with cpanel. I also added that mine doesn't tell me who the IP address of the 'attacker' was either, I get exactly the same email as you...
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    cpanel or whm gives internal server error

    Try checking ownership and permissions of redirect.cgi: # ll -L /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/redirect.cgi -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 915 Nov 23 2007 /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/redirect.cgi*
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    Horde language I'm not sure it's possible to do exactly what you ask, you could set the language by default and then change the form so it doesn't appear I guess but that would get overwritten on update probably. Take a...
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    Suspend accounts don't work

    /etc/shells > and add /bin/false
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    Massive amount of failures from IP

    search for 'cphulkd' I believe mine has never shown IP's