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    cpanel session error looking for suggestions

    I am not sure if this is the correct category to post this in but am looking for feedback I have a website I am taking over maintaining and have moved the site from an older cpanel / php server to my newer dedicated server which has cpanel and php5 Now when I go to the website I get an...
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    Cpanel not allowing addon domain name with .ca tld ??

    I have a strange issue and not sure where to post to get some feedback. So I have a shared hosting client who is has a domain name which is valid and registered and correctly pointed to his new shared hosting account with me. The domain has a .ca extension Now he is going into his Cpanel and...
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    $$ Develop Google Apps Plugin for cPanel

    Can you email me jreis at hostedcubes dot com when/if you developed this plugin and how much you would charge for it? I believed you also had a post over at WHT but stopped updating the thread :-)
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    Assassin not working correctly or at all?

    sorry the score is set to #2 hoping that that will make it catch as much as possible
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    Assassin not working correctly or at all?

    I have a few clients on one of my servers which are setup as a shared hosting environment saying that although they setup spamassassin and set the spam score really aggressive that they still see "a lot" of spam getting through to their email addresses. I am wondering how if their is a better...
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    Re: installing a custom plugin

    Thanks I was able to figure it out this morning and it was eayser then I thought lol thanks
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    Re: installing a custom plugin

    Hello I am about to attempt to install my first Cpanel plug for my hosting clients on a few of my dedicated servers. So I am wondering the plugin provider gave me the ssh command (its a wget command) I would need but am not sure when I ssh into my server as Root where should I CD to (change...
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    Changeing Password results in changes to external script/dbase

    I am wondering if someone could answer a question for me I currently have a reseller account which has some customer hosting accounts on it. What I would like to do is edit the change password page/function in cpanel so when someone changes a password in their cpanel it will updatd a mysql...
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    create custom packages on the fly

    Hello, First I hope this is in the correct category. I was not sure where I should post this question. So I have a server I want to test out a new functionality on although not sure if its possible with cpanel. Basically I want to allow customers to select amount of HDD space, and B/W...
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    Please Help with auto create script issue plz!

    .... Hello, Well yes I am still expanding my knowledge of php. I know I should be validating the users input etc. But can I ask then what would be the best method to use to have one program run another in the background? would it be popen() or fopen() ?? both I could not get to work...
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    Please Help with auto create script issue plz!

    Ok I despereately need to get this auto account create script to work. My issue is I created a "createaccount.php" script based on the remote access script info I found on these forums. If I go to the script directly it works (creates an account on the server). Now if I use the below line inside...
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    create account function VERY SLOW

    OK I am testing a simple php based script I found on these fourms to auto create an account on one of my cpanel servers. My issue is the script runs really really slow. I am wondering if their is any way I can spead this up?? I dont understand why it takes a good 3 min or so (I times it) to...
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    Gentoo and Cpanel - Excellent Progress!

    any news? OK I have watched this topic for a year and I thought well I might as well post. Is their any news?? Come on Cpanel Staff Gentoo Users are a large group of who could almost double your sales base if you can offer Gentoo Support. So whats the latest with Gentoo+Cpanel for a...
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    Take about copying That guy copied everything even the hosting plan features are the same their control panel is the same everything is the same Although I also get the feeling he might be a reseller of Hostrocket since the plans offer the same as HR?
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    hoping this is in right forum

    Hello, I just started using phpmanager to handle my billing and support tickets. I am just wondering if it is possible to create a link in cpanel to the phpmanager support ticket page so clients can submit a support ticket right from the cpanel and not have to login to the phpmanager...
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    Are their any free skins out their

    Hello, I am just wondering if anyone or any sites had any free skins out their for cpanel3 ? Thanks